Experience One

  Experience One and feel the difference for yourself if you live with chronic pain, wake up stiff, sore or tired in the morning, struggle with neck tension that never seems to go away or nagging discomfort, such as sciatica. If you are seeking an alternative to muscular relief, reclaim your body, become more mobile, grow stronger, and help yourself from minor tension, PUSH℠ Therapy may be for you.
"This therapy has changed my life completely. I am making more progress in weeks than I have in years. I highly recommend this therapy to anyone. If you are ready to take charge of your own health and commit yourself to making these changes, you will find a whole new lease on life. It is worth working for."
Mary Ann G  

  This specialized therapy is designed to help people find relief from physical pain originating from chronic tension in soft tissue by bringing the body closer to its healthy posture, natural movement and mobility becomes more effortless without stress on the body. This process allows for permanent change and lasting relief from pain.

  From the office worker, to the trade laborers, from the accident victim to the chronic pain patient. This unique and innovative therapy has given many people a chance to live without chronic muscular pain and discomfort. Jeanie Mark, a Certified Massage Therapist since 1989, has found a therapy that does more for chronic pain in soft tissue. As a Certified Push Therapist in Southern New Jersey since 2010 she continues to strives for achieving pain elimination.